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What is the characteristics of TPU heat transfer lettering film?

2020-08-17 10:34 Amy
TPU heat transfer lettering film is soft to the touch, stretchable and high covering, easy cutting, easy weeding, and no deformation after hot pressing.

TPU heat transfer lettering film is soft to the touch, stretchable and high covering, easy cutting, easy weeding, and no deformation after hot pressing.

TPU is made of PU polyurethane resin, which is not only resistant to high temperature and abrasion, but also has super tensile strength.

Its characteristics can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1.Elastic TPU heat transfer lettering film

For release substrate It has the frosting effect on the vision and soft and elastic effect on the touch, which is suitable for large area pattern transfer.

2. Elastic TPU lettering film for adhesive substrate

The elastic TPU heat transfer film looks similar to the off-form substrate, but the substrate is different, it is suitable for fine design patterns.

3. sublimation heat transfer lettering film

This film adds a layer of disperse dye barrier layer to prevent the disperse dye sublimation from permeating to the surface of lettered film material effectively. It is suitable for polyester or polyester blended fabrics.

4. Ultra-thin and highly elastic heat transfer lettering film

Ultra-thin, also high elasticity, suitable for close-fitting clothing, swimming clothing, sports cycling clothing, seamless underwear and so on.

5. Pearl heat transfer lettering film

The surface has a pearlitic effect, like a bead glitter effect, with a sticky release substrate, suitable for clothing applications.

6. Foaming heat transfer lettering film

After heat transfer, there is a three-dimensional effect, suitable for fashion or children's clothing.

7. Main application industries

Generally speaking, the TPU heat transfer lettering films are mainly used on cases, bags, garments and other textiles. For example: clothing, bags, shoes and other textile materials on the printing; TPU heat transfer film also use on the athlete's clothing, to print the number. Others include logos on clothing, logos on sneakers, patterns or logos on other elastic and blended fabrics, etc.

the characteristics of TPU heat transfer lettering film

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