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How to do UV DTF stickers?

2024-03-08 16:42 Steven
How to do UV DTF Stickers?

The process of UV DTF Stickers?

一. What is a UV DTF Stickers?

UV DTF sticker is to first print glue, isolation, pattern, bronzing, and varnish layer by layer on special PP release paper to form patterns, trademarks, etc., and then cover it with transfer film.

A decorative technique in which a pattern is then transferred to the surface of an object using a transfer film. Because of its three-dimensional, crystal-like appearance, it is named the crystal mark.


二. Machines needed to make UV DTF Stickers

You can directly use UV printers to make and process crystal labels. There are different types of UV printers on the market, including those that combine printers and laminating machines.

There are also UV printers with printers and laminators flying open. UV printers can print in one piece without plate making, and print out immediately, greatly eliminating various tedious operating steps and processes.

Whether it is a LOGO trademark or a gradient pattern, various mode effects such as "matte mode", "glossy mode", and matte oil mode can be achieved.

Meets customer needs for various types of personalized small-batch customization.

三. UV DTF Stickers can be made in different colors, such as transparent, gold, silver, hot gold, etc. These require the use of different crystal films, such as

The transparent A film can print transparent UV DTF Stickers and multi-color UV DTF Sticker, the gold A film can print gold UV DTF Sticker, and the silver A film can print silver

UV DTF Stickers, you can also add hot stamping paper technology to the golden UV DTF Sticker to make a hot gold UV DTF Sticker.

01. Transparent UV DTF Stickers


02. Gold UV DTF Stickers


03. Silver UV DTF Stickers


04. Gold foil UV DTF Stickers


四. UV DTF Sticker Technology

1. The UV DTF Sticker can be used for a variety of purposes once it is peeled off, which is convenient and fast. It perfectly solves the problem of printing irregular shapes and breaks through the limitation that the pattern can only be printed on a flatbed;

2. UV DTF stickers have very obvious advantages over ordinary labels. They have bright patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensionality, and high gloss. They are easy to pick up and separate during transfer, leaving no residual glue;

3. It saves labor. Compared with processes such as screen printing and transfer printing, if UV printing is used, one person can complete the printing, which also reduces labor costs for the enterprise;

4. Reduced pollution. Compared with the unpleasant and pungent smell of weak solvents and screen printing, UV ink greatly reduces pollution.

五. Application of UV DTF Stickers

1. UV DTF Stickers can generally be affixed to hard and smooth materials: such as packaging boxes, tea cans, paper cups, notebooks, tin cans and aluminum boxes, plastics, stainless steel, ceramics, etc.;

2. It is not recommended to stick it on soft materials, such as cloth, leather, silicone, tempered glass, glazed ceramics, or rough frosted product surfaces, etc. Although it can be stuck on,

However, the firmness and durability will be significantly reduced.


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