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What types of inkjet transfer paper?

2023-11-24 15:10 Penny
Inkjet transfer paper includes light/dark/glitter/glow in the dark/flock inkjet transfer paper.

Inkjet printing heat transfer paper can be used to freely print/draw images with ordinary inkjet printers, oil pastels, oil pastels, highlighters, etc., and then heat transfer to 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blended fabrics through a heat press machine. Cotton canvas and other home furnishings. Inkjet thermal transfer paper can be printed with photo quality to create personalized T-shirts, cultural shirts, aprons, gift bags, school uniforms T-shirts, etc.

01. Light inkjet transfer paper: use ordinary water-based dye or pigment ink inkjet printer to print pictures, or use crayons, oil brushes, highlighters, colored pencils, etc. to draw images, through household electric irons, mini Use an electric iron, Mini Press, or professional heat transfer machine to heat transfer to light-colored pure cotton or cotton-polyester fabrics, cotton canvas and other home decorations. You can create T-shirts, cultural shirts, gift bags, satchels, and pet decorations with personalized pictures. Products, etc., the image after thermal transfer has color retention and can be washed multiple times

HT-150P Paper (1).jpg

02. Dark inkjet transfer paper: Freely print images with an inkjet printer (ordinary water-based dye ink, water-based pigment ink), and draw images with colored pencils, oil pastels, etc. This product features high printing resolution, bright colors, good saturation and good reducibility. Suitable for distribution in chain stores, wholesale markets, and processing factories close to customers.


03. Glitter inkjet transfer paper: Silver inkjet printing heat transfer paper can be used to print pictures with ordinary water-based dye or pigment ink, sublimation ink, eco-solvent ink printers, as well as color laser copiers, color laser printers, etc., by electric iron, mini electric iron, or heat transfer Machine heat transfer to pure cotton or cotton-polyester blended fabrics of various colors. Make T-shirts, gift bags, cotton satchels, hats, scarves, etc. with personalized patterns. Due to the use of innovative technology, no additional metal is needed to produce pictures and colors with metallic effects. After heat transfer, the yellow part of the picture becomes gold, the gray part becomes silver, and other colors become metallic special effects.

glitter transfer paper 02.jpg

04. Glow-in-the-dark inkjet transfer paper: is a material with built-in photosensitive properties. The principle of luminescence is to absorb various light and heat, convert it into light energy storage, and then automatically glow in the dark. In the dark environment, the background will emit yellow The green light can last for more than 8 hours, which can improve visibility in dark environments. Night (storage) luminous inkjet thermal transfer paper can be transferred to various colors of pure cotton or cotton-polyester fabrics, cotton canvas, high-temperature-resistant artificial leather, and others using a printer with ordinary ink, etc., through a hot press. Home Decorations. It has color retention and is resistant to multiple washings.

Glow paper 01 (2).jpg

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