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How did heat transfer vinyl become popular in the world?

2022-06-20 09:20 Penny
How did heat transfer vinyl become popular in the world?

How did heat transfer vinyl become popular?

In the early printing, garments were transported to the printing factory and then printed directly, which took a long time.

So in this case, the emergence of heat transfer vinyl is an excellent solution to these problems.

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Q: How does heat transfer vinyl make its mark in the printing world?

A: 01. Engraving film can be operated at home, with a cutting plotter or laser machine

    02 hot stamping is also effortless, a hot stamping machine or iron can be achieved

    03. This can reduce the inventory pressure, ready to use, ready to print;

Furthermore, clothing attaches great importance to the fastness, and the fastness of the heat transfer vinyl can be far superior to other printing materials; That's why it's so popular today.

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